There are 2 parking lots. One with a main gate and another one at the back of the property (closer to unit). The back (smaller) parking lot doesn’t have a gate so you can get in without a gate opener.  

Go past the main gate and turn right, past the big house on the right. You will then come to the back parking lot on the right.  Park in this lot and our unit is the first on on the left.  

If there is no room in this smaller back parking lot you can park in the main parking lot.  You can get  to the main parking lot via the alley way that joins the back parking lot to the main parking lot. 



The pilot light should be lit.  Simple turn the pilot light knob to on and adjust the flame as desired.  Do not turn off the pilot light. 

Beds + Bedding

BEDDING - There are 6 pillows and all are soft. There are two twin duvets, one queen duvet, and a blanket (located in downstairs bedroom dresser). I can’t remember if there are sheets on the third mattress.  You might want to bring up a sleeping bag just in case. 

BEDS: The downstairs bedroom has one high loft bed (twin) and two twin mattresses stacked on top of each other. You can pull them apart to sleep three. The upstairs loft bedroom has 1 queen bed.  There is also a pull out sofa in the living room.  

Shower + Towels

SHOWER: turn on slowly as the water pressure is high and the wand head can come off if turned on quickly. If that happens don’t worry just stick it back on. 

TOWELS - the bath towels are linen towels. This is so they don’t take up much room. There are some Canadian ones - those are beach towels but feel free to use them. There are some really old looking towels. These are dog towels. 


The kitchen is equipped with all of the basics.  Help yourself to anything in the fridge or cupboard. Coffee pods are above the fridge. 


There are some games in the kids room dressers and crafts in the coffee table. Help yourself to those as well.  Mexican dominoes is a family favourite.